For Rent 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan W.A.V GREAT VAN

Looking for a honest and hardworking partner ( Sharing vehicle) that looking to rent a vehicle for 12 hours certain days when I need to use it but the other days you will have 24   hours access to it when I don’t need to use which is only 4 days . I only  using it for 5 hrs each day I use it in the night time  … you could work 7 days with the van  . i work 2 jobs and can’t really do the transportation  like that so my van just sits.  So those days you could have the vehicle for the whole day. My van Is W.A.V so you could pick up any wheelchair client !!!! LOW MILEAGE UNDER 50,000

All Inspections is up-to-date

You need to be over the age of 25

With 3 years driving experience

With a super clean license no points or Accidents

This vehicle is owned by me no base so you will deal directly with me !!!!!$ 800down payment one time for insurance/ one week of rent after that insurance will be included weekly in the $400 payment. Vehicle could be use for Uber ,Lyft, Via, Non Medical Transportation  any thing you want. I WILL GO DOWN AND SET YOU UP WITH ANY PLATFORM YOU WANNA GO WITH. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE TEXT OR CALL MMEat 347-981 7146  you CAN MAKE OVER $300 -500 a day